Control Room

Area 50 m2 and Volume 150 m3 Reverberation time : 0.20s @ 500Hz; and 0.34s @ 63Hz

The control room A console is a SSL 4056 G + with TOTAL RECALL and the big monitors are Genelec 1039. All equipment represents the professional standard for international production and has been featured and recommended by manufacturers (such as David Foster) who collaborate with Pierpaolo Guerrini and Andrea Bocelli. On the back of the control room a wall of medium-high frequencies tuned QRD diffusers has been built to uniformly distribute sound throughout the large room. On the ceiling, on the back, there is a perforated striped wood ceiling lamp which both absorption medium-low-frequencies and diffuse high-frequencies. Even in the backstage spaces, there are excellent definition and intelligibility of speech. The control room is perfectly symmetrical and there is a optimum balance between the right and the left channel also with the big monitors, so the stereophonic sensation is very immersive and engaging.

Live Room

Area 30 m2 and Volume 100 m3 Reverberation time 0.35s @500Hz; and 0.42s @63 Hz

The live room is a space of about 30 square meters with natural lighting allowed by a glass door on the courtyard. The acoustics that we wanted to recreate in this environment, in agreement with Pierpaolo Guerrini, is that of a somewhat lively room and a bit bigger than the actual size. The result is a very brilliant room with a slight controlled reverberation, perfect for voice recording, but also for strings, winds and percussions.